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Turn your audio into a timeless classic with Cuts On Wax!

Updated: Apr 22

We specialize in creating custom vinyl records on demand, with no minimum order required. Whether you're a musician, a band, or looking for a unique gift, we can transform your music into a tangible treasure.

Here's what makes Cuts On Wax special:

  • Customizable vinyl records: Choose from 7", 10", or 12" sizes to perfectly fit your project.

  • Full cover customization: Design and print your vinyl covers in standard 7", 10", or 12" sizes, or opt for a luxurious 12" gatefold.

  • A rainbow of colors: Make your vinyl truly unique with our wide variety of record and cover color options.

  • Picture disc magic: Take your record to the next level with stunning picture disc customization.

Visit Cuts On Wax today and bring your sonic vision to life on vinyl!

We offer fast turnaround times and competitive prices to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Let Cuts On Wax turn your music into a masterpiece!

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