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Immortalize your music on a classic format!


Create high quality custom 7 inch vinyl records - perfect for singles, demos, or special recordings.

Choose black or custom colors.


Fast turnaround & high quality.


Get your story spinning!


Quantity Discounts:


  • 2 - 10 Records - 10% off
  • 11- 20 Records - 15% off
  • 21- 50 Records - 20% off
  • 51 -  100 Records - 25% off
  • 101 - ∞ Records - 30% 0ff


Discounts are applied automatically on your cart without the use of a coupon code. 


- For a custom 7" Printed Cover, you have to add it in your cart separately.


- Printed Labels come free with the purchase of a record.


- The Priority Order is processed within 7 days from the moment in which the suitable material and payment are received.


Create your personalized custom 7" vinyl record - The perfect size for your sound!


All prices are in euros and do not include applicable sales tax / VAT.  All transactions are subject to our shipping terms and general terms and conditions.

Custom 7 inch Vinyl Record

    • 1.5mm thick or 2mm vinyl record.
    • Black, clear or coloured vinyl record
    • Small OR big hole (black - upon demand).
    • Length at 33⅓ RPM needs to be limited to 6 minutes per side for best quality.
    • Length at 45 RPM needs to be limited to 4:30 minutes per side for best quality.

Splatter Vinyl Variants

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