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The ultimate 12" vinyl experience!


Create a high quality custom 12 inch vinyl record - our most popular format.

Turn your music into a timeless classic.


High-fidelity sound, full customization & fast turnaround. 


Quantity Discounts:


  • 2 - 10 Records - 10% off
  • 11- 20 Records - 15% off
  • 21- 50 Records - 20% off
  • 51 -  100 Records - 25% off
  • 101 - ∞ Records - 30% 0ff


Discounts are applied automatically on your cart without the use of a coupon code. 


- For a custom 12" or Gatefold Custom Vinyl Record Cover, you have to add it in your cart separately.


- Printed Labels come free with the purchase of a record.


- The Priority Order is processed within 7 days from the moment in which the suitable material and payment are received.


Elevate your music with the iconic format!


All prices are in euros and do not include applicable sales tax / VAT. All transactions are subject to our shipping terms and general terms and conditions.

Custom 12 inch Vinyl Record

    • 1.5mm thick (140g) or 2mm (180g)
    • Black, clear or coloured vinyl record
    • Small hole
    • Length at 33⅓  RPM needs to be limited to 18 minutes per side for best quality.
    • Length at 45 RPM needs to be limited to 14 minutes per side for best quality

Splatter Vinyl Variants

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